2600 Euclid Ave
Des Moines, Iowa 50310


 Vietnamese American Community in Iowa 

  • To work cooperatively with all Vietnamese associations and religious organizations in the Des Moines and surrounding areas so it can build a stronger Vietnamese American community to support, promote, and advocate on issues of vital interest to the Vietnamese and their community in the political, social, cultural and economic areas in the state of Iowa. 
  • To collaborate with other organizations in the community to promote Vietnamese culture, customs and language.
Vietnamese American Community in Iowa 

After a very successful fund raising for the flood victims in Vietnam in 2001, a group of Vietnamese American in the Des Moines area recognized the community strength, the importance and necessity of having one solid voice representing the Vietnamese American living in the metropolitan and the surrounding area; many Vietnamese community leaders, young and old working together, began to push forward the idea of a more unified Vietnamese community in 2002. Their effort received a community-wide support from all Vietnamese associations in Des Moines and the surrounding areas; the “Vietnamese American Community in Iowa” (VACI) was finally born with that ideology in early 2004. Vinh Nguyen was selected as its interim president from 2004-2006 to formalize and create the organization’s bylaws and it was incorporated in 2007. Mr. Cang Pham served as its first VACI president in 2006-2008; Mr. Vinh Nguyen in 2008-2010; Mrs. Jennifer Shedd, 2010-2012; Mrs. Kim Nguyen in 2012-14. Mr. Vinh Nguyen is currently serving as its president until the year of 2016. 
The ultimate goals of the association are: